The creation of brands:

Succeeding in creating a brand is one of the finest adventures of our contemporary culture.

In 2000, with The Different Company, my objective was to create a so-called avant-garde niche brand: designer fragrances with no limits, perpetually refillable contemporary objects, perfume bottles encased in leather, a travel kit, a whole range of objects with their sights set on excellence. The Different Company is a very broad platform that can express itself on all kinds of products without being limited by its name or content.

The Brand Machine concept, which I developed to facilitate an understanding of the development phases of a brand, makes it possible to visualise all the operations that must be carried out. One easily understands that the creation of a brand requires mastery at each step, and that faith, which by itself is insufficient, is underpinned by the right expertise.

A brand is a personality, endowed with its own character which shapes itself over time. 

From its birth to maturity, the process of creation is essential.

It enriches itself as it evolves and captures the attention of those who share its values. It is a kind of club whose membership varies depending on how well the brand succeeds in meeting the market's expectations

The creation of brands is an adventure in the human and technical meanings of the term. A complex subject, it is a true link between different contemporary cultures. 

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